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This site and its offerings provide an open invitation to every person for dynamic life changing/opportunities to become renewed and transformed – individually, for your business, and our country to achieve desired goals and successes.

Through the powers of knowledge empowerment and ethically grounded reasoned thinking Combined together all bring commanding powers for renewed creativity, problem solutions, and unbelievable positive outcomes and results.

Take the journey.
What have you got to lose?

Knowledge Empowerment Platforms/Programs

Killing of America – Murder or Suicide – Crimes in Progress

Killing America emphatically offers up detailed straight forward, practical, readily accessible, and adaptable means or channels for each of us, individually and as a nation, to achieve and gain desired and positive results.

  • For the first all critical elements are presented into a cohesive framework that can and will work for everyone (regardless of gender, ethnicity, political or religious views, or the like).
  • For the first time, a detailed blueprint on how each of us can recapture individual greatest and help others to achieve the same.
  • For first time “objective (not subjective) ethically grounded principles with accompanying formats for reasoned thinking (not “what to think” rather “how to think”) all proven within “real world” settings work and produce desired results. As in photography, it’s rather simple – without the right know how, right equipment, right techniques, and right applications one will only get a negative.

Ultimate Financing Guide/Operation Veteran Empowerment

Ultimate Financing Guide is the only authoritative business educational resource providing “real world” advice/guidance that produces real success in business.

Ultimate Financing Guide, Third Edition, specially selected for nationwide distributions through any and all digital formats/platforms to include premium access at Amazon and Barnes & Noble – for complete listing of all formats/platforms see,