Woodrow D. Wollesen

Woodrow D. Wollesen brings the most unique combinations of unprecedented experiences, mastery of multiple professional disciplines, accomplishments/accolades, knowledge, skills, and insight ever brought to bear within the realms of small business operations, models, financing and entrepreneurship.

His background profile speaks for itself – Highly diverse and multiple expertise in a wide range of disciplines/subjects – former co-head of a national law firm, distinguished trial and appellate counsel practicing before the highest tribunals within the state/federal/regulatory systems/courts to include the Supreme Court of the United States, equipped with widely diverse accounting and wide ranging business, executive, management skills and acumen, former CEO of his own service enterprise(s), personal involvements in start-ups, experienced entrepreneur, innovator, educator, teacher, trainer, mentor, instructor, graduate level professor, author, and recognized expert regarding the entire realm of small–medium business financing/operations/real estate/management/workforce policies/compliance/forensic investigations/marketing/ branding/ entrepreneurial subjects, speaker, consultant, and advocate for veterans, women, minorities, and historically disadvantaged groups in business and entrepreneurship/volunteerism – personal involvement in thousands of small business transactions covering the entire gambit financing now exceeding over $1 billion – US Army veteran – Vietnam war years.

Owner, Founder, and CEO EXECUNET, Inc.

Financial engineering nationwide services firm, providing creative, custom solutions for small business needs and requirements for all types of debt financing solely representing only the client interest – web site:

2006 US Small Business Administration, “Financial Services Champion”

2006 Maryland Commendation Award for Financing and Contributions to the Maryland Economy (personally presented by then Governor Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr).

Founder, Chairman Regional Business Financing Forum (RBFF)

Often characterized as one of the “greatest marketing, management, educational, entrepreneurial, volunteerism stories ever told”

First in the nation, private, all volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to creating the first central “clearing house” for all small business financial information and through its programs, accelerating the “match-up” between any firm’s need for capital (regardless of type or amount) – Estimated annual $10 million impacts on regional economy

First in the nation financial expositions dedicated to small business financing

First in the nation Financial Guide for small business CEO’s – over 200,000 copies in regional/national distributions.

Designer/Creator, RBFF Master Database System

* Special Commendation Letters –
President of the United States, William Jefferson Clinton
US Speaker of the House, Honorable Newt Gingrich

Entrepreneur/Experienced Business Executive
Direct involvement and owner of multiple entrepreneurial ventures, the largest of which was a regional services firm (from scratch to $1.5 million annualized within 18 months) – sold to a subsidiary of Citicorp in 1990.

Former Co Head/Partner of a National Law Firm -Washington, D.C.- Primary trial advocate/appellate counsel/co-head of an existing national law firm representing energy clients in trial/appellate work within the Federal district and appellate courts, state and federal regulatory bodies, and the Supreme Court of the United States.

Former Adjunct Professor – Graduate School of Business, Stratford University, Falls Church, VA., (e.g., business law (class and on-line), business ethics, principles of ethics) (authorized to instruct respecting all business management, marketing, compliance areas)

Special Commendation/Reference Letter for Superior Performance (April 2010) Certificated Critical Thinking/Stratford University (May 2010)

Former Lead Trial Counsel / Regulatory Law Division, US General Services Administration – Extensive forensic, compliance, legal investigations – representing the entire consumption interests of the US government regarding its use of electricity, gas, telephone, railroad/trucking, maritime/airline services nationwide – ultimately becoming one of the few attorneys in the US to have direct working expertise, knowledge, and experience respecting the indicated industries, financial and operating profiles (as well all regulations, operating/trial procedures before the indicated regulatory agencies) in furtherance of protecting US consumption interests before every then existing executive federal regulatory body (then existing Federal Maritime Agency, Civil Aeronautics Board, Interstate Commerce Commission, Federal Power Commission, Federal Communication Commission). Multiple awards for meritorious service and accomplishments


Executive Officer/Board of Directors (8 years) of the prestigious National Women’s Business Center, Washington, DC (Treasurer for two years/one year acting Co-Chair) – NWBC 2005 “Man of the Year”

First man in the country to be honored by any nationally recognized women’s organization for personal dedication of time and energies to the cause of women in business and entrepreneurship.

National collegiate role – 2007 Inductee to the Phi Kappa Psi Hall of Fame & inclusion into their national list of “Notables” – Phi Kappa Psi is a national collegiate men’s fraternal order founded in 1852 in what would become Washington & Jefferson College, Washington, PA. It is one of the oldest college fraternities in America boasting over 104,000 initiates since its origination. The fraternity currently has over 4,000 undergraduates in chapters in over 100 colleges and universities across America. Robert Murray, former President of the Pennsylvania Governing Board, noted in his presentation that Woody’s multi-discipline accomplishments were so extraordinary in their scope and dimension as to clearly make him a role model for all Phi Psi’s and collegiate men across America. Woody now joins The Phi Kappa Psi list of “National Notables” that includes over 100 prior and current members of the Congress, President Woodrow Wilson, John F. Kennedy, Jr., U.S. governors, Pierce Butler (US Supreme Court Justice), and sports greats from the NBA/NFL Halls of Fame/ Olympic medalists.

Washington & Jefferson College, Washington, PA (1965) (B.A.), University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA (1968) (J.D.) (Law Review)

Personal Achievements:

Athletic Achievements: Two Time United States Champion Taekwondo, National Record Holder – Master of TKD / 4th Dan black belt – teacher, trainer, coach and certified referee

Unprecedented within the entire spectrum of national amateur sports “Extraordinary Role Model Champion” USATaekwondo (May 2010) – US authority governing all USD Taekwondo championships, inter national and Olympic competitions

First person over the age of 50 years within United States Taekwondo history to have started as a pure beginner (age 53) and risen to become 4rd Dan/Master with below listed competitive achievements

Two Time United States Champion Taekwondo (full contact fighting) (4th degree black belt) (over 50, heavyweight) – five consecutive years of national medals (2 silvers & 1 bronze) – National medals – Fixed Forms – five consecutive years (1 silver, 4 bronze)

Maryland State Champion (full contact fighting, forms, board breaking) (five consecutive years) – Gold medals in all categories – (holder of every Maryland Taekwondo record in each and all categories for over age fifty)

Classic Olympic Field Events – Discus, Shot Put, Javelin – in the exact same time frames as the above noted tkd achievements) – Maryland State Champion – discus and shot put; silver medalist in javelin

2005 United States Senior Olympics, Track & Field Championships, Pittsburgh, PA (representing Maryland in all three disciplines)

Military Service:
Captain, United States Army, Vietnam War Years (4 years)