Perhaps the Least Known or Understood Essential Ingredient for Success – “Emotional Intelligence” – It’s Deficiencies Abundantly Present Everywhere So what is “emotional intelligence”? Simply put it is how one handles one’s own emotions as well how one reacts to emotions of others to achieve successful results. e.g., “There is no separation of… Read More

Leadership Traits that Spell Success – Personally and Business – Think About it It’s often propagated that military veterans have certain advantages with years of experience and training when it comes to potential personal/business successes – for example: (1)Leadership – Veterans tend to have worked in highly team-oriented environments and hierarchical environment. This means… Read More

Business/Personal Decision Making – Art, Science, or Just Do It Regardless? Consider the wealth of so called studies and so called professional advisors that cover the landscape with how to be successful and make the right decisions at the right time. See for example, A Structured Approach to Strategic Decisions; Interesting how… Read More

A Sure Pathway for Under Achieving – Even Outright Failure – A Closed Mind with Embedded Beliefs and False Assumptions Will Always Impede The challenge, whether personally or in business, will always the abilities to properly “reason” and “think” – a term of art (and for some a long forgotten trait). Far too many… Read More

Business Owners/ Entrepreneurs – The Subject No One Wants to Talk About -The Dark Side of Resilience Whether a business owner and entrepreneur there is no question that having the attributes for resilience are indispensable for enterprise success. Yet no one wants to talk about the entire story – the very real upside and… Read More Think About It – Without Due Processes of Law Business, Entrepreneurism, and Our Liberties cannot well Exist or Thrive Think about it What’s so special about due processes of law? Without equally applied fair justice for all, there shall be no justice for any. Without a stable, fair and equitable system of justice (due… Read More

Think About It Without Our Cherished Freedoms There Can Not Exist Vibrant Small Business Enterprises or Entrepreneurship It’s a rather straight forward precept: *There exists a direct correlation between individual liberties and economic prosperity. *Our freedoms are the very foundations for our fluidity of thought, open expression, stimulating creativity, cooperation and exchanges that create a… Read More

The Number One Reason Why Desired Outcomes Rarely Occur, Personally and/or in Business – Wholesale Deficiencies in Thinking; It sounds like an easy proposition – doesn’t everyone think? Actually the “real world” answer to that question comes in multiple parts: *In fact for most folks thinking rarely occurs – instead most are merely… Read More

The First Independent Objective Investigation of the US Small Business Administration (in effect all the federal agencies) Small Business Administration Properly in the Cross Hairs for Small Business and Our Economy Turnarounds? A Multi-Part Series An Objectively Fact Based Investigation Part I – Introduction “If we don’t change direction soon, we’ll end up where {we’ve… Read More

The First Independent Objective Investigation of the US Small Business Administration (in effect all the federal agencies) Part VII in the Series – Recommendations to the President and Congress Respecting SBA In Part I of this series (, the underlying guidance – the new Administration has explicitly instituted efforts/directives seeking to reverse the negative impacts… Read More