To suggest that US small business, entrepreneurial growth as well creation of quality long term employment opportunities have been exceedingly dismal over the last 8-10 years would be a vast understatement – all facets have been unacceptable by every reasonable gauge and standard. It should be beyond conjecture that small business and a thriving entrepreneurial… Read More

Indispensable Elements for Business and Personal Success A few straight forward facts: *Although optimism, hope, drive, attitude, and motivation are all powerful tools, standing alone none will bring desired result: “It’s the same as photography – if you don’t have it right and/or correctly focused all you’ll ever gonna get is a negative!” * There… Read More

American Empowerment is most proud to announce and share that “The Killing of America Murder or Suicide? Crimes in Progress” By Woodrow D. Wollesen is now available through every major retail e-book platform in the country in some cases elevated to premium offerings. See Amazon…/…/ref=sr_1_1…; ; Barnes and Noble,…/1128278011;jsessionid=4EA0…; Smashwords Premium Catalogue (all… Read More

Being Properly Structured/Clothed for Success, Personally, Professionally, and for the Business Enterprise Both in personal, professional, and/or business realms, it will always be first impressions that will initially control. What you show and present will define your realistic chances for acceptance or otherwise. By definition if one does not have a compelling web site that… Read More