“Killing America” makes a direct and open challenge to every American.
Take the time.
Share the journey through this work to see for yourself.
Adopt a real path for self enhancement and national regeneration.

This work is about individual “empowerment” – pathways that work in the real world.

This is about empowering each other and together we can all reunite via reasoned thinking to get our country back on track.

This is about getting back to basics and becoming better in everything.

This is about re energizing “American Character”.

This is about saving ourselves and future generations from virtually certain cataclysmic endings.

What have you got to lose? Actually just about everything you hold dear!

Please do share the availability and ready accessibility of this educational resource to all within your networks and friends. It will “always take a village”!

That is about joining and working together to achieve mutual positive outcomes – all facets are “Win-Win-Win” scenarios.

Please Also Remember

American Empowerment is a veteran created/operated 501(c)(3) nonprofit singularly and exclusively dedicated to your “empowerment” through its educational resources and platforms. Unlike virtually all other non profits, AmEmpower has no memberships, no fundraising events, and no salaries.

All funds are dedicated for your educational and continuing empowerment.

All funds collected are 100% tax deductible

Your additional and generous contributions would be greatly appreciated.

Your Continuing Support and Cooperation to Bring America back to Ethically Grounded Reasoned Thinking and Real Empowerment is Greatly Valued and Appreciated


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