Has no one as yet figured it out? Part V

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Has no one as yet figured it out? Part I
Want to stop the massive exit by Cobb County communities seeking to exclusively control their own operations and destiny?
Change the leadership – consider being rid of the progressive/left leadership in Cobb County (all levels) that are in the process of destroying anything and everything with their woke philosophies (e.g., endless taxes, nonstop spending (most of it mindless without a clue as to consequences), turning what was originally a heavily treed, economically attractive “balanced” county into another concrete, urban nightmare, literally mindless building spews, the progressive leaderships, inept zoning, “NO” intelligent land use planning causing decay, more crimes, corrupt, poor services that cannot possibly support properly such growth.

Has no one as yet figured it out? Part II
Think about it? Really? Consider actual professional corporate/business executives throughout Georgia operating billion dollar entities with each having the same hypothetical access to another $147 million? For the truly executive qualified, none would even consider wasting money needlessly for any so called consultants to determine “how to spend those funds” to best benefit the enterprise. Due to their qualifications and embedded in depth knowledge of every single facet within every department and operation, all would automatically know exactly how, when, and where such funds would be most advantageously utilized for best possible outcomes – especially long term requirements.

Has No One Figured it Out Yet – Part III
Until the citizens of Cobb County wake up the same negative outcomes will follow – either follow the lead and examples of “red municipalities” throughout the country (e.g., change the unqualified, incompetent leadership across the board, put an immediate moratorium on all budgetary process until in depth forensic investigations have been completed including radical changes in the mindless and self defeating land use planning nonsense, etc.)[or face the spiraling consequences degraded” quality of life”].

Has No One Figured it Out Yet – Part IV
Continues what seems to be a never ending story that seems not only to defy common sense (apparently an ingredient currently lacking from the existing leadership garden) but baffle any aspect of just plain intelligent reasoning.
Consider that the entire story of the Cobb Recycle Center (still ongoing) is rather emblematic of the full array of “quality of life” issues that have finally driven four Cobb communities to exit (no doubt more considering the same strategies) due entirely to the existing Cobb leadership (all levels). That the current alleged leadership has never “gotten it” will simply continue until the citizenry arise to decide otherwise?

Just as with the “shoddy patches” delivered at the Recycle Center once the “line had already been crossed” pushing Cobb County down the path of “quality of life” adversities the entire focus of leadership has been to launch staged expensive public relations efforts cover up, somehow justify (what cannot be justified) (e.g., web sites, so called informative meetings, etc.) in attempts to stop the community “bailouts”. Borrowing from aged vernacular (for those old enough to remember) “that damn train has already left the station”!

Has no one as yet figured it out? Part V
In this continuing series the always proverbial question remains – it needs to be repeated and shared as far as possible within Cobb County?


Whatever happened to “reasoned thinking” – seeking out the objective facts to determine best courses of actions or decisions?

“Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it”. Henry Ford

Instead of the hand fed, staged and orchestrated dribble coming out of the Cobb County Commission offices and a media absolutely refusing to properly investigate and/or confront the current leadership (all levels), the straight forward questions?
*For those within Cobb County genuinely caring about having “quality of life” (which continues down the vernacular toilet) who is going to stand up, speak out, ask the hard questions (all of which the current leadership refuse to answer and/or seek to dodge) – and demand concrete answers?

“The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it.” Terry Pratchett

“The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge”. Thomas Berger“

The straight forward fact is that the current leadership is wholly embedded with and dedicated to ideological strategies that have absolutely no possibility of delivering (on any front whatsoever) “quality of life” for all within Cobb County.

How many times and how many ways does that have to be explicitly proven (e.g., mindless growth, complete laughing stock “land use planning” (glaring absences of objectively driven “quality of life’ out comes), obsessive efforts to overrun the County with businesses (regardless of type, character. actual benefits for everyone and “quality of life”) solely to produce more revenues, all the while encouraging more mindless growth, automatically causing the need for more services/resources to support, creating new and even larger bureaucratic fiefdoms, spawning more congestion of every type not less (traffic, parking madness, environmental consequences, etc.), overcrowding of facilities and services, and all of it creating endless vicious cycles effectively self perpetuating themselves?

“I’ve come to learn there is a virtuous cycle to transparency and a very vicious cycle of obfuscation” Jeff Weiner

“Authoritarianism and secrecy breed incompetence; the two feed on each other. It’s a vicious cycle. Governments with authoritarian tendencies point to what is in fact their own incompetence as the rationale for giving them yet more power.” Josh Marshall

Consider the recent claims by County Commissioner Monique Sheffield reflecting upon her apparent deeply embedded bias and mindset respecting so called “affordable housing” – never ending townhouse enclaves claiming to have no relationship whatsoever to crime (e.g., MJD April 22, 2022, front page)? Not surprisingly was her complete inability to provide any independent objective factual proofs for such a bald assertion!

The obvious question that should have been frontally presented – what possible provable expertise does she have in any of the subject matter disciplines related in any way to crime causation, land use planning, or zoning? The obvious answer is “zero” – she has no provable expertise in any form!

How many times in how many locations, towns, cities, counties across America does it take not to recognize the causes and profiles for endless failures in “quality of life” indices? The current leadership is just another re packaged clone of the same mindless progressive policies that have failed over and over again nationwide – virtually all tending to be driven by self interests, special interests (money, influence peddling by developers of every type), and not to be left out, self focused/directed political ambitions (primarily based upon identity, gender, race predicates) to become a professional, for life politician (e.g., life time parasites off the public purse?).

“Failure isn’t fatal, but failure to change might be . John Wooden

“The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.” Henry Ford

Look around at the very same entities and forces in virtually every blue region, city, county in America (abject failures across the board regarding educational levels, rampant uncontrolled crime, illegal drugs spawning mayhem and death, human trafficking, graft, corruption, etc.) all with the same observable profiles as above noted?

What part of the long term degradations and failures in leadership and resultant consequences for “quality of life” indices of (and from) the neighboring Fulton County does no one “get”?

Think about it?
*Cupid and the current leadership continue upon the endless, mindless parade of spend, spend and tax, tax – (April 09, 2022 – MDJ front page – the never ending efforts of Cupid to get a “transit referendum” (30 years sales taxes) and more SLOST taxes after, never ending).
*Instead of having truly competent and qualified management that would have already known precisely where and how to expend funds for the best benefit of the County, instead Cobb leadership imports a completely uninformed bunch of “bean counters” for a shocking $2.8 million to explain to them how and where to spend federal government payments under the American Rescue Plan Act! How does one spell obvious incompetence?
*Consider the Cobb leadership hiring an outside consulting firm “to develop a new unified development code” (anyone that seriously believes that the intended new code is anything but a “greased door mat for more development” had better take a far deeper look)!!

There are significant and very serious questions about the Cobb County leadership (all levels) that need to posited with focused demands for concrete objective answers.

Think about it?
In order to in fact acquire objective fact based answers the citizenry of Cobb County might well consider an immediate “shut down” of any and all expenditures, new developments as well any other efforts/activities affecting “quality of life”. Instead perhaps consideration should be given to authorizing wholly independent full scale forensic investigations across the board, most especially regarding any and all connections between and among the leadership and all contracts and expenditures (special interests)?

“If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging”. Will Rodgers

Think about it?
Government Bureaucracy (any and all levels) is pointedly defined as a “Mountain of Corruption concealed by an Ocean of Incompetence”.
Please do listen closely to the attached video on this subject – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pxaLgkmcDY
You can make a difference – Be part of the solution! The future belongs to those that show up!!!

Then think about it?
For inefficiency or neglect of duties and/or misconduct in office, a commissioner of any authority may be removed – see, e.g., GA Code § 8-3-53 (2015)

The simple fact is that whole portions of Cobb County populace have had enough. Some of those segments have already properly availed themselves of a straight forward path for self governance via independent city hood (proven successes for years with our own Smyrna).

Predictably, Commission Chairperson Cupid and the Cobb leadership have been anything but “neutral” – in fact yet again crossing “ethical boundaries” (e.g., open letter to East Cobb Committee alleging violations of state law disguised (and poorly at that) as so called “education”. It’s been very clear to any and all within the city hood supporters that Cupid and County officials have been “implicitly and explicitly biased” (even sending the County’s own hired guns and lobbyists to oppose city hood efforts at the legislature (e.g., MDJ, April 13, 2022, front page)!

How about a straight forward question to the County leadership?
How about a comprehensive and detailed accounting of any all expenditures (direct and indirect), resources, and hours that have been dedicated (in whole or in part) to the so called “educational” efforts respecting the city hood applicants?

Transparency increases the cost of hiding the truth. More efficient interactivity exposes truths that used to be inexpensive to hide”. Don Peppers & Marth Roger

Although perhaps predictable is a now most interesting addition to the never ending Cobb County leadership “clown show” – multiple legal filings against all of the city hood applicants to have any and all their efforts (all properly vetted and approved by the Georgia legislature, and signed by the Governor) summarily thrown out and to be removed from the ballot for electorate consideration in any form See, e.g., MDJ, April 14, 2022 (front page); MDJ, April 16/17, 2022 (front page); MDJ, April 19, 2022 (front page); MDJ, April 21, 2022 (front page – “Anti-city hood attorney seeks judgment now”)?

Think about it?
Does anyone really believe that it to be mere coincidence that these legal filings occur after all other options for the Cobb biased leadership have failed to stop either the legislative or Governor approval processes?

So what about these blatantly untimely legal efforts seeking to unilaterally deny established rights?
Just for grins has anyone ever heard of an obvious precondition for any legal filing?
Fundamentally it’s called concrete, solid proof for “justiciable grounds” in the first place
*the court must not be offering an advisory opinion
*the plaintiff must have clear standing, and
*the issues must be “ripe” being neither moot nor violative of the political question doctrine!!!

*One does not need a law degree in order to readily determine that these untimely, legal efforts violate every single one of those preconditions (above noted) for “justifiability” – all claims therein being patently frivolous.
*It would seem rather obvious that until all voting on the approved referendum has been completed there cannot possibly exist any possible “standing” for legal action.
*It would also seem to be obvious that the entire matter could be rendered “moot” should the referendum not succeed.

Consider as well what could arguably be legal ethics code violations implicit within these filings as well reasonable grounds for potential recovery of not only legal fees by the city hood proponents but damage awards, even sanctions?

“Accountability for deceptions can often prove exceedingly costly”!

Has no one as yet figured it out?
Think about the actual core issues that underlie anything and everything that has transpired and continuing?
*Fundamentally this is about protection of cherished freedoms, the ability of citizens to seek and even insist upon lawful self governance to ensure “quality of life” indices for everyone.
* Fundamentally, the efforts by all of the entities seeking self governance through lawful city hood stand as one of the purest forms of our functioning democratic processes in action – every detail and facet has followed prescribed laws and requirements gaining legislative and executive office approvals in order to be a referendum vote by all within Cobb County.
*The real issues are embedded within the precepts of constitutionally protected, legally complying “SELF DETERMINATION” and “SELF GOVERNANCE”.

“Self-determination is not a mere phrase. It is an imperative principle of action, which statesmen will henceforth ignore at their peril”. Woodrow Wilson

“America was born out of a desire for self-determination, a longing for the human dignity that only independence can bring”. Maurice Saatchi

That is precisely what Cupid, the Cobb leadership, and their embedded ideological cohorts seek to openly deny – summary elimination of basic liberties.
Cupid and the Cobb leadership seek the complete dismantlement and summary denial of all of those rights for citizen self determination.
Instead of self governance Cupid and cohorts seek authoritarian type policies to ensure vicious cycles for “quality of life” degradation and to deny\obstruct any and all that would oppose or hinder those “woke” ideological efforts.
That is precisely why these community entities have sought to separate themselves and achieve self governing status.

No method of procedure has ever been devised by which liberty could be divorced from local self-government. No plan of centralization has ever been adopted which did not result in bureaucracy, tyranny, inflexibility, reaction, and decline”. Calvin Coolidge

Want further confirming proof for all of the above?
Just consider that now The Atlanta Journal Constitution (with a solid reputation as a documented, proven biased Left, progressive media propaganda arm of the Democratic Party) (Fulton County being crime central, corruption to its core) – has actually opted to pile on to the anti city hood efforts (to deny these entities legal “self governance”) under the superficial guise of providing a series to correct “misinformation regarding city hood bids”
(AJC, April 24, 2022, front page and follow on pages), AJC, April 25, 2022, front page)(think about it – AJC headline “Misinformation colors city
hood bid” which given the publication source with itself with a glowing reputation for fake news, no news, and/or misinformation – that has to rank as a new record in hypocrisy ??)

Think about it?
Consider the very serious issues all around and confronting us all –
the world on the potential edge for a WW III with a rather obviously incompetent senile excuse for a commander in chief, a southern border situation completely out of control with human trafficking, open brutalities and heinous crimes of every description ongoing, massive influxes of illegal drugs, spiraling drug deaths nationwide, Atlanta itself an ongoing major nonstop violent crime hot spot (virtually all unsolved and even for those apprehended lacking proper accountability), inflation killing everything from businesses to abilities for all minorities and seniors to even survive, and the like?
Yet instead of devoting needed daily attention to those extremely serious matters quite literally affecting life and death for millions, the AJC would now pompously (as well quite arrogantly) interject itself into a wholly local matter affecting only Cobb County and its citizenry?

Despite a solid track record completely devoid any ethically grounded reason thinking (based solely upon independently verifiable objective facts), the AJC now seeks to propagandize and peddle its own wholly subjective, biased versions of “better information\re education”!

“Media manipulation in the U.S. today is more efficient than it was in Nazi Germany, because here we have the pretense that we are getting all the information we want. That misconception prevents people from even looking for the truth.”Mark Crispin Miller

“It’s a rainy weekday, and the general American public stands huddled together underneath black umbrellas. Old ladies cry into their handkerchiefs, children cling to their mothers and the men stare off into the distance. The final words are spoken, the casket is lowered and the grave diggers begin to shovel the dirt. As the people begin to file away, it is easier to read the headstone. ‘Honest Journalism is dead, and there’s nothing you can do about it’.” https://www.theodysseyonline.com/honest-journalism-is-dead

How about some objective straight forward facts?
Whenever and regardless of how, any populace segment within our country honestly and genuinely seeks via all proper and required legal means the opportunity to “SELF GOVERN” in order to seek, encourage and maintain “quality of life” indices that should be encouraged to the fullest!
These are all in fact fundamental rights respecting “self determination”.
It represents in elemental forms the very essence of “our country’s founding”.

Has no one ever read the US Declaration of Independence, its history (how and why this country was founded to ensure “self determination” and “self governance”)? See, e.g., https://www.loc.gov/exhibits/jefferson/jeffdec.html

However citizens might wish to structure self governance, as long as complying with all applicable laws, such should be and in fact are all “protected liberties and freedoms”!

“Local self-government…is the life-blood of liberty”. John Lothrop Motley
Those are the real issues.

Regardless of the diatribe and other utterances emanating from the Cobb leadership or propaganda utterances from the AJC, the primary causes for these separations fundamentally result from inept, incompetent (perhaps even corrupt) mismanagement of this County which circumstance continues to spiral in all the wrong directions respecting “quality of life” indices.
*These communities seek “change right now”!
*These communities seek self governance right now and to be separated from Cupid and cohorts!
*Those expressions are elementally based upon our constitutional liberties which must be protected.

The simple fact is that Cupid, the Cobb leadership (as well the anti supporters including AJC propaganda series) seek to deny, impede, throttle, and summarily eliminate those very same liberties – to transform Cobb County into a Fulton County clone.

“I think it’s time we ask ourselves if we still know the freedoms that were intended for us by the Founding Fathers… Whether we believe in our capacity for self-government or whether we abandon the American Revolution and confess that a little intellectual elite in a far-distant capital can plan our lives for us better than we can plan them for ourselves.” Ronald Reagan

Simply put, all of the above noted issues remain within all Cobb County citizenry to decide for themselves.
Consider a suggested “overview”
The far broader questions
*either bring an immediate halt to and reverse the “quality of life degradations”
*(follow the current trend nationwide) abandon Cobb County and find a better place to live?

There is of course another obvious option –
immediate consideration and implementation for legally changing the entire Cobb County leadership?

Let’s be very clear!
Freedom is not Free !
“Quality of life” in Cobb County is not Free!
Either stand up, do something about it, stop the negative cycles in play or certain adverse results will be automatic.
In all cases the repeated admonition will always be –
Precisely what will defeat all of those openly seeking destruction of America, our freedoms and “quality of life” (especially within Cobb County)!!
“Ethical Critical Thinking” is the core weapon that will always ultimately defeat all darkness whatever its form!
Think about it!

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