Has everyone given up all facets of “reasoned thinking” abandoning hard probing questions and demanding hard answers? Everyone is being fed lies and deliberately so as political hacks and the Left bent on destroying our freedoms and economy. Wake up and think!!!

The sole purpose of providing only numbers of infected and then fatalities was solely to generate fear in order to get everyone to abandon their freedoms and shut down businesses!!! The omission of data and information was not accidental!

Whatever the number of alleged positive infected (even if in the millions every single day) – SO WHAT?

How many of those were determined ultimately to be false?

How many if correct were deemed a-systematic?

How many had symptoms that required direct medical attention or hospitalization? How many of those in fact due to other issues (collateral such as diabetes, liver, kidney, heart, high blood pressure, etc.)

How many of those were released without further problems?

Without answers to those straight forward questions and resultant accurate numbers of infected are completely meaningless!! Making decisions on business opening/ shutdowns have and remain arbitrary, capricious, lacking no objective verifiable science as bases and done for self serving and political purposes. Wake up America!


By LifeZette | July 7, 2020 4:05PM /Dr. Scott Atlas, the former chief of neuroradiology at Stanford University Medical Center, spoke out on Monday to explain why the spike of COVID-19 cases across the south doesn’t really actually matter.

Atlas told Fox News that Americans should be hesitant in believing the way the media is portraying the spike in coronavirus cases because it “doesn’t really matter how many cases” there are. Instead, what really matters is “who gets the cases.”

He added that the mortality rate for coronavirus is just .04% for people under age 70, a statistic that is equal to or lower than the seasonal flu. Atlas said that the number of cases is increasing only because younger people are contracting the virus on a larger scale.

“The overwhelming majority are younger, healthier people,” Atlas explained. “It only matters if we cannot protect the high-risk people, which we are protecting…how do I know? Because the death rates are not going up.”

Atlas went on to say that the United States may be on the path toward “herd immunity,” which occurs when healthy people contract the virus and go on to provide protection for more vulnerable and high-risk people.

He then expressed his frustrations with the way the media has been reporting on this pandemic, as the press has focused on COVID-19 hospitalizations when this data does not differentiate between coronavirus-positive patients who are hospitalized for reasons that have nothing to do with the virus.

“When I looked at every single hospital area in Texas today, 15-20% of people in the hospital as inpatients are COVID-positive patients. That means 80-85% have nothing to do with COVID-19. And the same thing goes with some of these other states. There are people hospitalized, a large number, because they are tested as COVID-positive, somehow they are categorized as COVID hospitalizations,” he said.

Atlas concluded by saying it is “ridiculous” to blame the spike in cases on reopening businesses, instead putting the blame on “large protests” at the end of May and through June. “It’s not the guy getting his hair cut in the barbershop,” he said.