Wake Up America

New revelations every day of the endless lies, lies, and more lies all to remove your freedoms and destroy the US economy and specifically shut down your business and/or entrepreneurial hopes and dreams – it is all being done intentionally and all politically driven – its you and all of us that have to step up, stand up, speak out to stop it. Its the business owners and financial interests that have to step up to end it or allow all fo this to end your businesses and future?

Now the latest – as been stated repeatedly and no one has been researching or paying attention – there is absolutely no objective definitive scientific facts to support requiring facial masks and now definitive proofs it solves virtually nothing, creates in certain folks more (sometimes death) harm and when it comes to children and certain teen ages (zero infection potentials) requiring a mask is arbitrary without any science whatsoever to support.

That means schools everywhere should be open – no masks for kids and as well every college in the country (minimal restrictions). Wake up America the Left with media support are the real enemies as well Fucci the fraud.

Listen carefully to Laura Ingram as she exposes all of them and all of the lies. https://www.foxnews.com/…/laura-ingraham-demands-science-lo…

Then read the entire scientific report at https://articles.mercola.com/…/do-masks-protect-you-from-co…

Experts have been debating the effectiveness of wearing masks to reduce the risk of infection long before COVID-19 came into the picture, including those worn during surgery

Data show masks may not lower the risk of contracting the common cold and cloth masks increase the risk for health care workers of getting flu-like illnesses

The effectiveness of cloth masks reduced by 20% after being washed and dried four times. Wearing masks increases the potential for headaches and lowers a surgeon’s oxygen level

The WHO recommends several strategies to reduce the potential of infecting yourself, including proper hand washing before and after mask removal and replacing the mask as soon as it’s damp

The Left and media are intentional fabricating, lying to divide, to create chaos and fear all to take away your freedoms (no singing in church (beyond absurd), no church, no gatherings, shutting down millions of businesses nationwide – it all needs to come to a halt NOW – take back your country or will be not be there soon!

And the Governor of Georgia (praise the Lord) leading the way as of today – you can take your masks and stuff’em!!! https://www.foxnews.com/…/georgia-governor-bans-cities-coun…

We need to unite – We need to open our schools – get the message! We need to get parents back to work and focused back to their businesses.