Speaker Requests
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Woodrow D. Wollesen

Entertain and inspire your audiences with the humor, wit and wisdom of a tried-and-true practitioner of life having personally experienced some of its toughest challenges.

One of the most prolific and multi faceted speakers in the country able to draw upon his vast personal experiences to entertain and interact with all audiences (proficiencies and/or mastery (a number at expert levels) within over thirty separate subject matter disciplines)

Subject Areas for Usual Speaker Requests:

Humor / Relationships / Inspirational / Motivational
Published Author/ Writing for profit, in business or otherwise
Small Business, Best Business Practices, Business Financing, Entrepreneurship, Keys for Enterprise Success
Ethics/Integrity/Character/Training for Success instead of Failure
Life Time Athlete – Training for Success and Being a Champion in life
Reasoned Thinking / Critical Thinking (personal and business) /Problem Solving
Education (all levels) Failings and remedies that work
Compliance/Risk Management/ Law & Business
Athletics/Fitness/Sports/Taekwondo – Benefits
Mental/Physical Health & Strength
Executive/ Management Practices
Attitude /Responsibility/Accountability

Sample Areas from Personal Profile:

See generally extensive background profiles at – LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/pub/woodrow-wollesen/11/147/652/ ; also at: http://www.ultimatefinancingguide.com/about-the-author/
One the nation's foremost experts/authorities respecting small business operations/ capital/financing/entrepreneurship
Military veteran with unprecedented combinations of diverse “real world” professional expertise across multiple disciplines – entrepreneurism, small business lending / financing / operations/ risk evaluations, widely diverse executive, management skills and acumen, former CEO of his own service enterprise(s), personal involvements in start-ups/entrepreneurial ventures, former co-head of a national law firm, former graduate level professor, mentor, educator, communicator, author, speaker, advocate for veteran, women, and historically disadvantaged owned businesses/entrepreneurism, former executive officer/board of director/instructor positions, National Women's Business Center, Washington, DC, former Founder/Chairman of the all volunteer nonprofit Regional Business Financing Forum, former co-head of a national law firm, distinguished trial and appellate counsel practicing before the highest tribunals within the state/federal/regulatory systems/courts to include the Supreme Court of the United States, life time competitive athlete – recognized national role model champion

Ethical Leadership & Development

First recognized national leader/authority respecting ethical leadership, training, and development (all ages) (personal and professional) in USA Taekwondo history "Extraordinary Role Model Champion" /United States Taekwondo Association official magazine (Spring 2010) / http://usa-taekwondo.us/news/2010/05/26/a-most-extraordinary-role-model-champion/36194 (4th Degree Black Belt) – National Record Holder Master of Taekwondo, Two time U.S. Champion

Founder/Director – American Empowerment Inc dba Operation Veteran Empowerment

Veteran created/directed 501(C) (3) nonprofit dedicated to knowledge empowerment – the only "real world" business educational resource platform in the country specifically targeting the primary causes of small business failures/ impediments – critical knowledge deficiencies in best business practices and financial acumen. The more and better knowledge empowered all business owners/entrepreneurs, the more successful their enterprises, the more quality jobs are created, the more financially secure families/communities, all of which enhance our local economies and reduce social issues/ills. See extensive web site at http://www.ultimatefinancingguide; (Operation Veteran Empowerment) http://www.operationveteranempowerment.com/; http://www.opvetempower.com

Other Books/Publications

Ultimate Financing Guide – First book/treastise ever written covering the entire spectrum of all small business financing options, including best business practices, marketing/branding – the only encyclopedia of business financing (covering all key options) in the country www.ultimatefinancingguide.com with special access and targeted for veteran entrepreneurs and business owners. Latest Testimonials: http://www.ultimatefinancingguide.com/expert-testimonials/

Other Speaking/Media Articles/Features/Podcasts

Tapped as Event Special Business Financing Speaker/Instructor, November 18, 2015, Pittsburgh. PA, 2015 National Veteran Small Business Engagement (one of the largest business development gatherings for vetrepreneurs/vet business owners in the country). http://nvsbe.com/, the prime business financing article in Vetrepreneur Magazine Special November, 2015 Edition (copies of the Magazine and article included within the Event packet for all attendees at that Event). http://mydigimag.rrd.com/publication/?i=280005&pre=1 (Looking for Quick Cash to Start or Expand? Here's what you need to know about Crowd Funding)

Vetrepreneur Magazine (national publication for veteran business owners & entrepreneurs) and published by the National Veteran Business Owner Association (“NVBOA”)
* Looking for Quick Cash to Start or Expand? Here’s what you need to know about Crowd Funding) November, 2015 Edition (copies of the Magazine and article included within the Event packet for all attendees at the National Veteran Small Business Engagement (one of the largest business development gatherings for vetrepreneurs/vet business owners in the country). http://nvsbe.com/, http://mydigimag.rrd.com/publication/?i=280005&pre=1

* Special Report: SBA Loan Fee Waiver for Small Businesses and its Impact on Vetrepreneurs, (December 2016) https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/headline-special-report-sba-loan-fee-waiver-small-its-wollesen/

* Re-Evaluation/Reconsideration Highly Recommended – The Proposed Veterans Entrepreneurial Transition (VET) Act, July 2017 http://www.navoba.com/uncategorized/veterans-entrepreneurial-transition-vet-act-re-evaluation-reconsideration-highly-recommended/

* What Does Character Have to do with a Business Loan? (October 2017) http://www.ultimatefinancingguide.com/honored-to-have-latest-ultimate-financing-guide-blog-selected-by-nvoba-vetrepreneur-magazine-for-national-publicationdistribution-what-does-character-have-to-do-with-a-business-loan/

(Disabled Veteran National Publication for Military Veterans) – Regular contributor and nationally published

* Business Financing PT II)  http://vetlikeme.org/business-financing-systems-do-not-work-why-and-why-not/; also at http://www.ultimatefinancingguide.com/the-business-financing-systems-do-not-work-why-and-why-not-part-ii/;

* Business Financing (Part III) http://vetlikeme.org/the-business-financing-systems-do-not-work-why-and-why-not/http://www.ultimatefinancingguide.com/the-business-financing-systems-do-not-work-why-and-why-not-part-iii/;

* Business Financing (Part IV) http://www.ultimatefinancingguide.com/vetrepreneurs-and-vet-business-owners-continue-to-ignore-risks-and-realities-portending-failure-remedies-for-success-readily-available/; http://vetlikeme.org/vetrepreneurs-and-vet-business-owners-continue-to-ignore-risks-and-realities/;

* Business Financing (Part V) http://www.ultimatefinancingguide.com/new-threats-of-severe-adverse-impacts-for-vetrepreneurs-and-existing-vet-franchise-owners/; http://vetlikeme.org/new-threats-for-vetrepreneurs-and-veteran-franchise-owners/;For Every Biz Owner & Entrepreneur – Success/Failure Will Always Be Determined by whether One is Ahead or Behind the Curve!; http://vetlikeme.org/for-every-biz-owner-entrepreneur-successfailure-will-always-be-determined-by/

* For Every Biz Owner & Entrepreneur – Success/Failure Will Always Be Determined by whether One is Ahead or Behind the Curve! (September 12, 2017) http://vetlikeme.org/for-every-biz-owner-entrepreneur-successfailure-will-always-be-determined-by/; http://www.ultimatefinancingguide.com/honored-to-be-selected-and-have-the-latest-ultimate-financing-guide-articleblog-post-published-nationwide-by-vetlikeme-disabled-veteran-national-publication-for-veterans/;

* The Veterans Entrepreneurial Transition (VET) Act – Re-Evaluation and Reconsideration, (June 2017) http://vetlikeme.org/the-veterans-entrepreneurial-transition-vet-act-re-evaluation-and-reconsideration/; http://www.ultimatefinancingguide.com/opvet-honored-to-be-again-selected-for-national-publication-coverage/

* Veteran/Disabled Veteran Biz Certifications-Value for/Access to Private Sector Contract Opportunities?(April 2017) http://vetlikeme.org/veterandisabled-veteran-biz-certifications-value-foraccess-to-private-sector-contract-opportunities/; https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/veterandisabled-veteran-biz-certifications-value-private-wollesen/

VetJobs (Largest Veteran Job Board in the country)

* SBA loan fee waiver for small businesses and its impact on vetrepreneurs (November 2016) https://vetjobs.com/article-vetrepreneur-magzine/

* Recommended New Year's Resolutions for Person and/or Business (January 2017) https://vetjobs.com/recommended-new-years-resolutions-person-andor-business/;

Other Publications

Cobb Business Journal – Program aims to equip local veterans with financial tools (November 10, 2014) http://www.mdjonline.com/news/program-aims-to-equip-local-veterans-with-financial-tools/article_130b8ab7-279a-5505-b2ce-de999a641b09.html; http://www.ultimatefinancingguide.com/cobb-business-journal-program-aims-to-equip-local-veterans-with-financial-tools/

Media Interviews/Podcasts:

* Veteran Solutions Radio, Business RadioX Buckhead Georgia (June 12, 2015) lengthy interview, podcast

* The Better You Radio Network, Hosts Bill Williams and Tonya Harvey (January 2015) Interview and podcast http://www.ultimatefinancingguide.com/bill-williams-and-tonya-harvey-interview-woody-wollesen/

* Get the Right Financial Tools to be a Successful Entrepreneur(June 2014) Womens Radio, http://www.womensradio.com/2014/06/get-the-right-financial-tools-to-be-a-successful-entrepreneur/; http://www.ultimatefinancingguide.com/get-the-right-financial-tools-to-be-a-successful-entrepreneur/